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Synthetic Sports Grass

Synthetic Sports Grass with Eco Lawns Australia

Have you ever imagined how stadiums keep their fields glimmering with healthy, perfectly cut grass? The answer usually comes in a huge budget for intense weekly landscaping or for constantly purchasing new grass. Synthetic sports grass offers a great alternative to the constant maintenance of natural grass.

What is Synthetic Sports Grass?

Synthetic sports grass consists of a mat with polyester or nylon fibers designed imitate natural grass. Artificial grass is designed to offer a permanent solution to a constant problem!

Why Synthetic Sports Grass?

Sydney’s long, hot summers aren’t kind to our fields and lawns. By installing synthetic sports grass, you can rest assured that your fields will always be in top condition.

  • Easy Maintenance: no longer will you be stuck budgeting in money and time for a landscaping crew and a strict watering schedule. With artificial turf, rinse periodically and you’re done!
  • Long Life Span: Synthetic sports turf has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years on average.
  • Eco-Friendly: Stop wasting water on daily watering and fertilizers! Artificial turf requires only a small fraction of the water that natural grass demands to stay up to snuff.
  • Indoor Sports: indoor fields make playing sports possible year-round, no matter the heat or snow. Keeping grass healthy inside, however, is next to impossible. A synthetic sports lawn is the solution to this problem!
  • Heat Block: many of our turfs have special properties that keep them from getting too hot, meaning that players can hit the ground without burns.

A Popular Sports Solution

Synthetic sports lawns are sweeping through Australia and beyond. In the US, more than half of all National Football League stadiums are equipped with artificial turf. Constant advancements are making artificial turf even more safe than natural grass for sports players!

Who can Benefit from Synthetic Sports Grass?

Here at Eco Lawns Australia, we see inquiries for many different types of sports fields. A synthetic sports lawn is a great fit for:

  • Batting cages
  • Cricket pitches
  • Lawn bowls and bowling greens
  • Golf course putting greens
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Field hockey
  • Multi-purpose fields
  • School fields

Synthetic Sports Grass Styles

One of the best perks about a synthetic sports lawn with Eco Lawns Australia is the versatility in style. Our Multi Sport Afro Turf comes in a wide variety of colors, allowing for clear delineation of the court boundaries and line markings. Our Eco Lawns Australia experts will sit with you to go over what turf type and style is the best fit for your field!


Recent Work

We installed synthetic lawn and artificial grass for thousands of commercial and residential customers across the greater Sydney region. There’s over 20 “fake grass” varieties to choose from. We’ve included some of our recent work below, click the images to enlarge:


Synthetic Sports Lawns with Eco Lawns Australia

Our team are experts in turf installation and specialists in selecting the proper artificial turf for any situation.

Interested in installing a synthetic sports lawn with Eco Lawns Australia? Submit an enquiry or quote request or call 0427-001-488 to set up a time to speak with one of our synthetic turf experts.