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Commercial Synthetic Grass

Commercial Synthetic Grass from Eco Lawns Australia

One of the most crucial aspects of operating a business or school is maintaining curb appeal. First impressions are massively important to potential customers or clients. A shoddy looking lawn can create a poor impression of your business or school.

We get it—between everything else a business owner, store manager, or school principal is balancing, there’s no time or budget to continually hire a landscaper. Commercial synthetic grass is a great solution for all your lawn care needs.

What Is Commercial Artificial Grass?

Commercial artificial grass is a mat of artificial fibers designed to imitate grass. Fake grass requires minimal upkeep in comparison to normal grass, and provides a fantastic, clean appearance 24/7!

Pros of Commercial Artificial Grass

Synthetic lawns offer many benefits for commercial institutions.

  • Durability: without constant proper care, natural grass easily wears away and loses its luster. Artificial grass is beautiful around the clock!
  • Clean: no more need to worry about clients tracking in dirt from the yard! Synthetic lawns provide the beautiful appearance of a manicured yard without the dirt and grime.
  • Non-slip: Synthetic lawns help keep children and adults safe, even during rain.
  • Lower maintenance: natural lawns demand constant watering and mowing. Synthetic lawns only need a weekly rinse down!
  • Less Expensive: the one-time cost of installing a synthetic lawn pales in comparison to the price of hiring a lawn crew each and every week to keep your business or school looking good!

Who Can Benefit from Commercial Artificial Grass?

At Eco Lawns Australia, many of the commercial synthetic lawns we install are for:

  • Schools: it’s no secret that kids are rough with everything they touch, and grass is no exception. Many schools opt for synthetic grass to keep kids safe and mud-free.
  • Child Care Centers: nature is stimulating and healthy for a child’s brain development, most parents don’t take too fondly to picking up a dirty and muddy child. Artificial grass allows children to explore the outdoors more safely.
  • Public and Private Playgrounds: many types of commercial synthetic grass are compliant with the critical fall height for play equipment, making it a great choice for playgrounds.
  • Animal Shelters and Doggy Day Cares: synthetic grass is a great fit for dogs! Your rowdy pups will feel more secure on synthetic grass, and fake grass helps prevent the spread of dirt or fleas!

We also cater to hotels, rooftop lawns, office buildings, median strips, and many other locations.

Recent Work

We installed synthetic lawn and artificial grass for thousands of commercial and residential customers across the greater Sydney region. There’s over 20 “fake grass” varieties to choose from. We’ve included some of our recent work below, click the images to enlarge:


Commercial Artificial Grass with Eco Lawns

Eco Lawns is one of Sydney’s primer artificial grass providers. Our experienced team can help you choose the best type of commercial synthetic grass for your school or business.

We’d love to hear from you! Submit an enquiry or quote request using the form below or call us at 0427-001-488 to inquire about artificial lawns. We’ll respond as quickly as we can (usually on the same day!)

At Eco Lawns, we’re doing our part to keep Sydney gorgeous and eco-friendly. Partner with us today to keep Australia beautiful!