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Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass from Eco Lawns Australia

Every homeowner knows that lawn work is one of the toughest parts of home maintenance. While an expansive back yard was appealing during the house hunt, it can easily become a pain. Weeding, lawn mowing, fertilizing, edging, aerating, watering—the list of tasks for proper lawn maintenance is almost endless.

Many homeowners are turning to synthetic grass to cut back on lawn care while gaining a more beautiful lawn than ever before.

What Is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass, synthetic lawn, “fake” grass: no matter what you call it, synthetic grass is a new craze is sweeping through Australia and beyond. Artificial grass is a mat of synthetic fibers designed to replicate the look of a clean, healthy, manicured lawn with a fraction of the upkeep.

Why Use Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass has a huge range of advantages over natural grass.

  • Eco-friendly: artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered, allowing you to save water and save the environment.
  • Long-term investment: you save on the cost of water, fertilizer, and expensive lawn tools.
  • Low maintenance: you’ll never need to mow, edge, trim, water, or fertilize your lawn again!
  • Always in season: artificial grass stays happy and healthy 24/7! No more seasonal changes or uncontrollable dead spots!
  • Pest control: insects that find homes in natural will be sent packing, keeping your home safe.
  • 15+ year lifespan: synthetic lawns have lifespans of fifteen to twenty years!

Types of Artificial Grass

There are many different types of synthetic lawns to fit your style and preferences! The different styles of artificial grass vary in color, thickness, stiffness, and composition. Our synthetic grass experts will sit with your family to evaluate your situation and choose the best option for your home!

Artificial Grass Misconceptions

There are two big misconceptions about synthetic lawns.

1. It doesn’t look like real grass. You’ve probably encountered many lawns with artificial grass and been none the wiser about it! New advances are making artificial grass look more and more realistic. If you’re struggling to keep your yard up to snuff, consider a synthetic lawn Sydney neighbourhoods can be proud of.

2. Synthetic lawns are more expensive than natural grass. While artificial lawns can cost a pretty penny upfront—usually around $20 per square foot—the cost pales in comparison to natural grass when you consider the price of upkeep over time. With artificial grass, it’s a one-time payment for a great lawn for the next fifteen years; natural lawns demand constant water, costly fertilizer, and huge lawnmowers and trimmers that are constantly breaking!

Recent Work

We installed synthetic lawn and artificial grass for thousands of commercial and residential customers across the greater Sydney region. There’s over 20 “fake grass” varieties to choose from. We’ve included some of our recent work below, click the images to enlarge:

Artificial Grass with Eco Lawns

Eco Lawns offers your premier artificial grass in Sydney, Australia. Our skilled team of craftsmen and experts work with every client to ensure that each home will get the best fit possible.

Submit a quote request or enquiry using the form below or call 0427-001-488 to see how we can help your lawn thrive! Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible—usually the same day!

If you’re looking for a synthetic lawn in Sydney, talk to Eco Lawns!