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Every homeowner knows that lawn work is one of the toughest parts of home maintenance. While an expansive back yard was appealing during the house hunt, it can easily become a pain. Weeding, lawn mowing, fertilizing, edging, aerating, watering—the list of tasks for proper lawn maintenance is almost endless.

Many homeowners are turning to synthetic grass to cut back on lawn care while gaining a more beautiful lawn than ever before.

One of the most crucial aspects of operating a business or school is maintaining curb appeal. First impressions are massively important to potential customers or clients. A shoddy looking lawn can create a poor impression of your business or school.

We get it—between everything else a business owner, store manager, or school principal is balancing, there’s no time or budget to continually hire a landscaper. Commercial synthetic grass is a great solution for all your lawn care needs.

Have you ever imagined how stadiums keep their fields glimmering with healthy, perfectly cut grass? The answer usually comes in a huge budget for intense weekly landscaping or for constantly purchasing new grass. Synthetic sports grass offers a great alternative to the constant maintenance of natural grass.