Why Home And Business Owners Are Switching To Synthetic Grass

The best-kept secret is out! There’s a trick to keeping your lawn green and lush all summer long, no matter what the weather patterns or government restrictions are. The best way for Sydney home and business owners to keep their lawns perfect, not only this summer but year-round, is synthetic grass.

Let’s face it, the world is changing, and smart Sydney home and business owners are aware of these changes. Australia is facing a worsening drought and has been for years. Fires in South Eastern Australia are only one of the many signs of this crisis.

A lack of rainwater makes keeping your lawn fresh and healthy almost impossible with traditional grass and enforced water restrictions from the government make it even harder, not to mention wasteful. If you care about the environment and water conservation, installing artificial grass is both the economical and responsible choice for you.

Not to mention, synthetic grass looks fantastic all year-round. With fake turf, you’ll never lose that bright green and clean-cut look you love to a heatwave or insect infestation. Your home or business will have curb appeal no matter what the season. Artificial grass is immune to the destruction of kids and pets as well. Your children and animals can play in your yard all day long and not leave bald patches or brown spots, and it’s safer for them.

Fake grass doesn’t need chemicals to keep it healthy. There’s no need to call an exterminator to kill those ants or spray weed killer to get rid of unwanted plants. We know you care about the beauty and health of our city here in Sydney, and dangerous chemicals threaten our rare ecosystem and can pollute our water supplies get into our bodies, and nobody wants that.

Finally, synthetic grass is the cost-effective choice for a long term, low maintenance lawn care. There’s no need to mow or weed this lawn once a week, you don’t have to water it nightly, and a high-quality lawn will last for years without showing signs of wear. And, did we forget to mention you’ll cut down on those pesky allergies every year with a synthetic lawn?

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